Eric Wiesel has been a member of the California bar since 1993. Having been an agent for over 25 years, Eric is WNBA and FIBA certified and represents only female basketball players in America and overseas. Eric focuses on the best interests of his clients - he is personally responsible at all times. He purposely keeps his practice highly selective and limited in size so his client relationships remains extremely connected, service focused and conflict-free.

For over 15 years, Eric has had a dedicated partnership with Yves Lejeune of LBM Management. Yves Lejeune is based in Belgium and works throughout Europe. Prior to becoming an agent, Yves played 10 seasons professionally and was then a head coach for 9 seasons. Yves is assisted closely by his wife Olga Garanina who, as a former Russian National Team member, played internationally for 20 years. Eric’s and LBM’s mission for our clients is: A global quality service in an ethical manner.



  • Experienced attorneys (trials, appeals, arbitrations -- court, FIBA, NBA, NFL)
  • Former players/Coaches/General Managers
  • WNBA/FIBA certified agents
  • Recognized throughout the world as aggressive, protective, skilled, forceful and demanding advocates for our clients
  • Speak 8 languages and have over 50 years of combined experience representing female basketball players throughout the world
  • Uncompromising in our honesty, integrity, character and ethics


  • Represented over 200 draft picks (including 100 first round selections, 50 All-Stars, 6 Rookies of the Year, and 2 No. 1 Draft Picks, as well as MVPs and members of All-WNBA Teams and All-Rookie Teams.)
  • Negotiated more than 2,000 professional sports contracts on teams in over 20 countries, on each WNBA team, and on multiple Euroleague and Eurocup Championship teams.
  • Negotiated over 250 marketing and/or speaking engagement contracts, formed over 30 companies, established 15 foundations/charities, created over 100 trademarks and 50 websites on behalf of clients


We are deeply committed to providing our clients with the tools, services and connections necessary to achieve the highest level of success during and after their playing careers. This can include:

  • Contract negotiation and representation in America and overseas
  • Endorsements, marketing and public relations
  • Brand development (website, logo, business card, etc.)
  • Personal affairs management
  • Management and supervision of professional relationships (financial planning, CPA, insurance, etc.)
  • Management of athletic training and conditioning professionals (both domestic and overseas)
  • Legal services (including business, foundation/charity and estate planning)
  • Travel, relocation and housing assistance
  • Visa/passport assistance
  • Post-career counseling and planning
  • Stylist, modeling and photography services
  • Dedicate ourselves 24/7 to represent our clients during their professional career as well as beyond professional athletics
  • Care deeply and personally about our clients, their professional ambitions, and future goals and desires
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by not having too many clients and/or clients with competing skills and interests

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